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At WiseDevs we strive to be 2 things. The first is to be an excellent employer, which means treating our employees and contractors like their family. We truly believe that if you have a great work atmosphere with great benefits then that great and positive attitude will trickle down to our customers. The second is to provide a great tech support experience to our customers. Whether its small businesses, college students or “technically-challenged” individuals or grand-parents, we want an affordable solution that is available 24/7.

New Startup Project by

What is FINDIO?Findio is a smart assistant for online shopping and also offline shopping. We merged all new high-level technologies in Findio to solving problems of online shopping or choosing the best products.

Find the best

Findio robots are searching everywhere. They are always learning and understand what do you want!. They use AI ( artificial intelligence ) technology to find the best price, the best features, etc.
You can talk with Findio and say that what do you want to buy. Findio helps you to search between millions of products and compare them for your needs.

Findio App

Dive into the world of
augmented reality

FINDIO uses new high-level frameworks of augmented reality technology in some features like showing discounts shops beside you or make 3D shapes of products in front of you in the real world.


Advancing AI and ML for Online Shopping

We’re working to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning responsibly in order to benefit people and society. FINDIO brings artificial intelligence and machine expertise in a shopping assistant mobile app.

Our Team

Mehrdad SafarMohammadLoo

CEO & Founder

MohammadAli Ghanvati

CTO & Founder

Maryam Ghalambor Dezfuli

Founder, Data Analyst & Marketing Director

Shahrad Abghari

Founder, Business Management & Backend Developer